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What do Skyscraper fires have to do with My Home?

You may not think that skyscraper fires in Dubai have anything to do with preventing fires in your home, but you’d be wrong. This article points out something very interesting about the sudden rise of regularly occurring skyscraper fires in Dubai.

Always Be Cautious of Flammable Materials in Your Home

It came about for one simple reason, and this reason plages many homes around the Dallas and Fort Worth area. They had flammable material readily available in a listed area. In this case, they chose to cut corners and not use flame-resistant materials for the paneling on the sides of the buildings. The sourcing of that material is more difficult, so they did what many of us do: take a short cut. Don’t do it! Use the right materials, and keep flammable materials away from fire.

Here’s a link to the entire article on Skyscraper Fires in Dubai: