Ashes Can Cause House Fires

Yes, it’s true. Ashes can cause a house fire. They cause forest fires very often, too, but in this case, it’s a house fire. OK, ok, technically, it’s the coals that are still hot enough to cause a fire that are the cause, but it’s because we humans see ashes and think “OK, nothing’s on fire here anymore, it’s all safe”. But it’s not.

How can Ashes Be Hot Enough to Cause a House Fire?

The ashes are covering up the coals, and actually insulating them, causing them to stay VERY hot for a longer period of time. This is why, if you’ve ever had a campfire in your backyard, many times it’s still smoking in the morning.

BE VERY CAREFUL to triple douse your ashes. If you have to clean them out of a wood stove, dump them and triple douse them.

Here’s a story where that didn’t go so well:

Chicago House Fire Caused By Ashes

Dallas House Fire, Fire Damage in Dallas, Fire Damage Restoration

Of course, we do Fire Damage Restoration, but we’d rather you never have a house fire in the first place.


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